micha parson puck drop

Tell me you’ve never watched a hockey game before without telling me

Micah Parsons is a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and by all accounts a pretty solid dude on and off the field. So of course when the Hershey Bears, a minor league hockey team from nearby his hometown of Harrisburg, asked him to come do a puck drop for one of their final home games this season he was happy to do it.

Watch the video here:

Unfortunately Micah probably hasn’t watched too much hockey and the Bears PR team clearly forgot to explain how the puck drop actually works. Micah walks out on the carpet covering the ice, gets to the end, and tosses the puck on the ice. Hilarity ensues when the camera catches his facial expression which clearly says “That’s it?”

“Thanks for coming last night, @MicahhParsons11!

We are so sorry for not explaining how a puck drop works. That one is on us. Our bad.”
– Hershey Bears Twitter

Of course there were some pretty great memes made about the event too and who knows, maybe Micah will end up becoming a meme before this is all over with.

Of course Cowboys fans are not at all concerned about Micah’s lack of hockey knowledge

Featured photo a compilation of screenshots from the Hershey Bears official Twitter as embedded above


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