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Ready for a good laugh? We work to provide humorous content that will split your sides. Unlike some other places that claim to promote comedy we have zero cares about political or social issues within the jokes we bring you. Put down your protest sign and laugh out loud to these hilarious comedians.

jennifer aniston and adam sandler discover a gigantic australian reporter

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Are Shocked by the Size of an Australian Reporter

While doing press for their new Netflix comedy movie, Murder Mystery 2, the famed actress and actor were caught off guard by the "brutish height" of an...
bryan cranston and aaron paul talk to a dallas resident about not watching breaking bad the tv show thumbnail

[Video] Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Send a TikTok to Someone Who Has Never...

A Dallas resident was just strolling through a shopping center parking lot late one evening when he happened to run across Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, two...
comedia rob mulholland tells a joke about orgasm equality

[Video] Comedian Rob Mulholland Discusses Orgasm Equality

Alert: This comedic material covers adult subjects and uses adult language. Rob Mulholland, a British comedian, is not having any of this feminist idea of "orgasm equality"....
josh sundquist halloween costumes

[Video] One-Legged Comedian Josh Sundquist Shows Off His Epic Halloween Costumes

Comedian Josh Sundquist lost his left leg at the age of nine to a rare childhood cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. As an adult he has learned to...
jihad jokes standup comedian

[Video] A Comedian Makes Jihad Jokes

Her name is pronounced 'Jee-Had' A comedian doing standup was surprised when he asked an audience member what her name was. After a deep sigh and trying...
mark normand vegan jokes

[Video] Comedian Mark Normand Tells Impromptu Jokes About Vegans

The jokes were part of a live stand-up comedy show Warning: Adult language Comedian Mark Normand is a well known comic from New Orleans that loves to introduce himself...
comedian jokes he is not tall enough for tinder

[Video] Comedian Talks About Being Too Short for Tinder

Does your Tinder date fit you? A standup comedian (we are not sure who it is) delivered a joke that went viral on Reddit's /r/Funny hitting the top...
the batman adam west spotlight

[Video] Adam West as Batman in The Batman 2022

YouTube channel Corridor has created a hilarious movie trailer edit masterpiece. The channel recently released a video titled "THE BATMAN, but with Goofy Batman" where Robert Pattinson...

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