comedian jokes he is not tall enough for tinder

Does your Tinder date fit you?

A standup comedian (we are not sure who it is) delivered a joke that went viral on Reddit’s /r/Funny hitting the top of the page and driving thousands of votes and views. The comedian jokes about not being tall enough to be on Tinder and relates it to childhood experiences of not being tall enough to ride a carnival ride.

Watch a video of the Joke here:

Your tinder girl doesn’t fit you from funny

Text of the joke:
I found out I’m not even tall enough to be on Tinder
Every profile I saw is like
“If you’re under six feet don’t even bother swiping on me”
And that hurt me right to my core
It brought me back to my childhood
When I wasn’t tall enough to ride the rollercoasters
And I thought one day I’ll grow up
I’ll ride all these rollercoasters
And it happened
I can ride any rollercoaster I want now
But I can’t ride Jessica

That’s kind of why I hate
When I see a tall guy dating a really short girl
That’s rude
I feel like they’re taking from my stock ya know
That’s like the tall guy going to a clothing store
And being like
“Give me all the small shirts”
They don’t even fit you!


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