Editorial Guidelines

The following are the guideliness we will follow when determining what content to publish on our website and how to publish that content for you.

1. Texas Watcher exists to publish factual content about crime, politics, and other difficult to discuss matters in Texas as well as world events and viral content through the lens of Texans. Our goal is to give you the information so you can talk with friends and family about it offline or however you chose, not to publish sensationalized content to try and convince you to think a specific way. To this end we specifically avoid content such as events, restaurant openings, good deeds, etc… happening in Texas. That type of content is published via our parent website Texas is Life.

2. When we discuss politics we will only publish facts and not confuse those facts with our opinions or the opinions for a specific political party or entity. For example, political activists frequently push to give titles of pending legislative bills different names in the media in order to sway public opinion in their favor or against those bills. We will not do this ever no matter if we agree or disagree with those specific pieces of legislation, our job is to give you the news and let you determine how to feel about it on your own.

3. Political titles or other things that have been sensationalized to convince people to think a specific way will either be notated as such on our website or left unmentioned in our reporting in order to keep from biasing your feelings towards a specific topic. For example if a bill is called “The Affordable Sponsorship of Soliders Healthcare” we may not reference the title if the bill itself does not hold up to the scrutiny of being affordable or soley about soliders (government has a bad habit of stuffing unrelated things into pills to get them to pass).

4. We stive to provide an equal forum for Texans from all backgrounds. However, this does not mean we will promote ideals or topics specific to one background no matter if our staff agrees or disagrees with it. We believe if your ideas have merit then discussing them with only facts offline and not hyperbole or vicious online attacks is enough to convince others. We also may not cover stories a specific group deems important because we have limited availability and this may be perceived by some as injustice, but is simply due to the laws of physics governing space-time.

5. Our site will report on crime in Texas and abroad using facts and leaving out sensationalist claims, click-bait, and opinions. Our goal is to help Texans understand crimes being committed in hopes of leading to safer neighborhoods for everyone. This does not mean we condone any specific legislation which said crimes are based upon or that we oppose any movements to improve judicial review, incarceration, or other legal efforts to support those who might be wrongly convicted or given harsher-than-normal sentencing. As part of our oath to provide facts over feelings and opinions we hope that these facts can be used and agreed upon by any two or more sides in such a debate.

6. We cover news in Texas as well as news in other parts of the USA and the World. Sometimes that news might be a little more tongue-in-cheek than our news about Texas as we poke a little fun at our fellow Americans in places like California, Oklahoma, and Florida. We will still ensure that our content here is factual but may make the editorial titles more entertaining or add subjective opinions to these articles. All such articles will be clearly denoted by the category they are in.

7. Our site also covers viral videos which are provided as entertainment worthy more than newsworthy. These videos do not need to be from Texas or about Texas. These posts may have more entertaining titles, subjective opinions, and be light on factual content if little is available. Still, we will strive to provide as much in-depth factual information as possible for this content.

8. Journalistic anonymity and integrity. Our writers and staff will remain anonymous if they so choose to be. Because our work to provide only facts may lead to radicals obsessed with an issue attempting to harm our staff this anonymity will be protected at all times. Journalists will use anonymous email handles and privacy focused messaging apps and will never reveal their real name in conversations. Our Journalists will always be respectful of the work of others and will cite sources when relevant and generally work well with the global journalistic community.

9. No political party or activist group or business can influence directly the content we publish. We do not accept sponsored posts, we do not accept guest content from PR agencies, SEOs, Corporations, or Politically-affiliated writers. While we will accept guest content, guest contributors will be thorough vetted before their content is allowed to be posted.

10. We don’t sell links for you to try and game Google or Bing, we don’t sell Facebook posts, we don’t sell Instagram posts, we don’t sell Twitter tweets, and we don’t allow clearly promotional content to be posted on our site.

11. Our article titles are meant to be entertaining and inclusive. We refuse to use the race or ethnic background of a person that is the subject of an article unless the article directly relates to that racial or ethnic makeup. We also strive to give an equal standing to all parties an article is about or that play important roles, however, that is often difficult to do with titles in which case we strive to make up for any omissions or summaries by giving more space to that person or entity inside of the article. An example is: If a famous Texan and their spouse do something worthy of note on our website, we’ll try and explain that in the title, but we may not be able to due to character restrictions on various platforms. In that case we would include the famous Texan’s name in the title and expound upon their spouse in the article as best as we can to fit the subject.