man gets ambushed by litter of kittens

Some jerk dumped these kittens, but they found their rescuer

While leaving a gun range and heading back to his farm a man spotted a tiny kitten lost on the side of the road. He pulled over to help the little thing and decided he would rescue it and bring it back to the farm for his wife who had been wanting a kitten. Once he picked up the adorable little furball the grass on the side of the road started rustling and a whole litter of kittens came charging forward towards him.

Man stops to rescue kitten, gets ambushed by platoon from aww

After talking himself through the situation out loud the man decided to take all of the kittens back to his farm and work to find them all a good home.


The story was told by user ‘JediWithAnM4’ on the subreddit /r/Aww

“The guy was coming home from the gun range and saw the one kitten on the road and decided to pick it up. He said his wife had been wanting one for the farm. When he stopped to take the video, he got ambushed. He ended up rescuing all of the kittens. They’re currently all at his farm where he is trying to get people to adopt them.”

Featured photo a compilation of screenshots from the video embedded above from Reddit


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