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Editor’s Note: This is a “We Live in a Society” post which strives to highlight interesting or humorous dialog on two sides of an issue or debate. We as a publication do not endorse any political party or ideology.

Political zealots these days seem to think those they support on their side have super powers that can only be used if elected into office. Recently those on the left to far-left side of the American political spectrum took to their least favorite online platform to declare that Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a Texas politician who has lost every major election he has ran in, would have kept the Austin, TX area power lines from going down during the 2023 Winter Storm.

The catalyst for this outpouring is both the current Winter Storm conditons and the fact that if he had won his most recent political election he would have been inaugurated as Governor of Texas a few weeks ago, almost exactly 14 days before the storm hit.

One of the most popular tweets starts off with: “I’m from CA and I think Beto is one of the best leaders in America and TX rejected him twice.”

Here are some of the tweets that appear to believe Beto would have been able to keep ice from damaging power lines (responses are below)

A California University Professor:

A home chef in Florida:

Chair of the Hawaiian Green Party

And responses / facts about the power outages:

Which group is correct? That is for you to decide. We hope you have enough information to make an informed decision based on this article. If not, please leave a comment and tell us what we could have included to help you be more informed.

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