dallas filing cabinet bbq smoker video

What do you call this style of Texas bbq?

A video surfaced on the /r/Dallas subreddit of men barbecuing some meats in what appears to be the schoolyard of a DISD school (possibly L.G Pinkston High School or David W. Carter High School based on the limited views, but this is pure speculation). The video quickly gained a lot of votes and views because of how they were cooking the food – in a file cabinet.

Watch the Video Here:

Dallas ingenuity at its finest ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
by u/Paulythress in Dallas

When the video starts the cameraman is recording a closed up file cabinet with the bottom drawer open and full of hot coals, a little smoke rising up from it. Another man off camera (or possibly even the cameraman) is heard talking to a man in a t-shirt telling him to open it up and show them how it works [the people viewing the video]. The man starts at the top and slides open the drawer with his bare hands to reveal what appears to be sausage smoking on the top rack. He keeps going down to the final drawer when he burns his fingers (the handles are metal after all with a smoldering heap of coals below them). Another man enters the screen wearing a glove designed for high heat and opens the final drawer as the cameraman says “This is the best use of DISD school furniture I seen ever in my life”.

Redditors were largely either concerned about the potential presence of toxic fumes from things that might have been on the filing cabinet such as paint and others were concerned about how they modified the cabinet to maintain temps properly.

In both cases it appears the file cabinet was heavily modified from its original form including temp gauges, a smoke stack, and grills in the drawers. Essentially turning the old filing cabinet into a vertical “cabinet” smoker. It seems extremely likely they took into account everyone’s considerations already. That being said, maybe don’t go buy a used file cabinet from Goodwill and start smoking meats in it at home y’all – just incase. Leave that to ummm I guess these guys?

Featured photo a screenshot of the video embedded above


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