man rescues stranded sea turtle from an island beach

That turtle may not have survived otherwise

Last October YouTuber Nick Fry was on an island beach somewhere in the Pacific. Nick is an Australian who kayaks and explored nature in the region around Australia. His videos often show how to catch fish and survive on the Pacific Ocean while being responsible about keeping from distributing waste and trash.

Nick’s video titled “EP 24 – Breadcrumb VS Chicken Crimpy?? Coral Trout Recipe (Turtle Rescue) | Catch n Fry” on YouTube was supposed to be about catching a coral trout while spearfishing and frying it, but during the video he cuts in a clip where he finds a male sea turtle stranded upside on its back on the beach while discussing how sea turtles mate. That clip keeps going viral across various platforms racking up millions of views.

You can watch the rescue with this timestamped video:

Watch Nick’s full video here:

We have seen the clip getting shared on literally every social media site including LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. Here is a concersation about the clip on Reddit.

Man flips over a sea turtle stuck on his back and helps it back into the ocean from nextfuckinglevel

Featured photos a compilation of screenshots from Nick Fry’s video as embedded above


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