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Real Texans love nature. Watch videos of nature from across our amazing state, the USA, and the world right here. Videos of majestic creatures living their best lives, struggling, and interacting with humans. Take in all of the awe and beauty that nature has to offer here in our Nature category of videos.

river otters running living history museum

[Video] A Family of River Otters Running Near a Living History Museum

A family of North American River Otters were filmed majestically galloping as a group, jumping through through a wrought iron fence, and then running up to the...
japanese black bear attacks mountain climber on mount futago japan

[Video] A Rock Climber in Japan Fights Off a Bear Attack While Climbing

A rock climber in Japan had an experience most of us only get in our nightmares. While free climbing up a cliff on Mt Futago the climber...
receded waters of tampa bay before hurricane ian hit land 2022

[Video] Tampa Bay is Nearly Dry Before Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall

As Hurricane Ian approached Florida on September 28th, 2022 the waters of Tampa Bay went almost completely dry as shown in this video. https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/xqj92s/tampa_bay_completely_receded_as_hurricane_ian/ Water receding is typical...
horses floating river raft on salt river arizona

[Video] Are These Wild Horses Floating Down the River on a Raft?

This messed with my eyes a little These wild horses are going viral on TikTok thanks to an Arizona grandma's little trick. The video was originally posted by...
bear climbing tree stand

[Video] A Black Bear Climbs a Tree Stand With a Hunter on it

She was way too calm A woman is on a tree stand hunting when a black bear starts to climb up the ladder. She says "No no. Bears...
cattle heat death kansas 2022 video

[Video] Thousands of Cattle Found Dead from Heat Exhaustion in Kansas

Poor cows :( Status: Mostly Verified - The video is current and there are news reports about thousands of cattle in Kansas dying from heat exhaustion recently. These...
enormous crocodile head washed up on south african beach

[Video] Massive Crocodile Head Washed Up on a Beach in South Africa

That's one big bite! Back in 2013 a couple who are residents of St Lucia South Africa came across a massive crocodile head laying on the beach during...
wasp covered car

[Video] Tens of Thousands of Southern Yellow Jacket Wasps Infest a Car

Nope. In 2019 a Louisiana bee rescuer/keeper and exterminator (Jude Verret) was called to examine a vehicle. What he found was the interior of a 4-door sedan completely...
man rescues stranded sea turtle from an island beach

[Video] Man Finds a Sea Turtle on its Back Stranded on the Beach and...

That turtle may not have survived otherwise Last October YouTuber Nick Fry was on an island beach somewhere in the Pacific. Nick is an Australian who kayaks and...

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