qatar man threatens camera man during world cup 2022 tv coverage for danish tv

This is fine, everything is fine – FIFA (probably)

A Danish news reporter, Rasmus Tantholdt, who is in Qatar covering the World Cup was brought live on to TV 2 to do a spot report. Seconds after he started talking the camera panned to the left to film a couple of men on a golf cart. One of the men appears to wave to the camera but the other took exception to being filmed and covered it with his hand.

Watch the Video:

Danish news reporter trying to report on the World Cup from Damnthatsinteresting

Rasmus replies to the man covering the camera in plain English: “Mister, you invited the whole world to come here. Why can’t we film, it’s a public place?”

Rasmus then pulls up documentation showing he is legally allowed to film wherever he wants as the man who waved to the camera and what appears to be a security guard (dressed up in a bright yellow reflector vest) try to tell him he needs a separate permit.

The camera pans towards the man refusing to be filmed and he again reaches for it threatening to break it. Rasmus tells him he can break it if it wants, but that this is a threat trying to break their camera.

Sounds like the 2022 World Cup is off to a great start!

Featured photo a screenshot of the above embedded video from TV 2


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