horses floating river raft on salt river arizona

This messed with my eyes a little

These wild horses are going viral on TikTok thanks to an Arizona grandma’s little trick. The video was originally posted by user “Worrylessandlivebig” on TikTok where it has racked up over 8 million views. In the video the grandma claims the horses just came floating by on the Salt River out in Arizona, but then as the video progresses it says “JK 😉” and the horses walk off of the river and into the woods.

Watch the original video on TikTok here:

@worrylessandlivebig Floating horses? #horse #wildhorses #river #horsesoftiktok #saltriver #arizona #saltriverhorses #saltrivertubing ♬ original sound – Worrylessandlivebig

The horses were spotted on the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest, a national forest in Arizona known to be home to herds of wild horses. When there are drought conditions like this summer the horses are fed alfalfa at feed stations in various parts of the forest to ensure they have access to a good food source.

The video made its way to Reddit where the users turned it into a bit of a joke about Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic (and cropped out the original creator’s text).

And somehow Rose could not share the door with Jack from aww

If you want to see wild horses like this you should visit the Tonto National Forest.

Map to Tonto National Forest:

Featured image a screenshot of the above embedded video


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