protestor tackled at target center in minnesota during timberwolves vs grizzlies nba playoff game 4 2022

She got owned!

A security guard for Target Center in Minneapolis, MN where the Minnesota Timberwolves play is being hailed as a hero for quickly determining a threat actor in the stands and stopping her attempt at making a protest during the Game 4 NBA Playoff matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Watch the video here:

Here’s a close up video of the security guard watching the target and acting immediately to tackle her:

The security guard is Pierre (last name unknown) and he did a phenomenal job at discerning the threat and neutralizing her before she was able to accomplish anything but get taken to the floor and making a fool out of herself.

What was she protesting? Most media outlets are spreading the message of the protestors, which is exactly what they want. In fact the second protestor’s job was to stay behind and film everything just in case the media failed to do the job they wanted them to. Instead we’re just going to say crazy people have Twitter and Tiktok to spread the activism messages and should be encouraged to stay out of sporting events.

Pierre did a great job and who knows, maybe the Texans or the Cowboys will make him an offer to go after QB’s this season.

Featured photo a screenshot from the video embedded above


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