river otters running living history museum

A family of North American River Otters were filmed majestically galloping as a group, jumping through through a wrought iron fence, and then running up to the porch of a living history museum before scurrying off.

Watch the video on Reddit here:

I am used to running into wild animals at my job, but never river otters. [OC]
by u/Steampunkpainter in aww

The North American River Otter is not native to Texas so this video was most likely taken somewhere up north, we believe likely the Northeastern USA based on the foliage and the fact that it’s a living history museum based on the late 1800’s.

The family of river otters stroll right up to the porch of the Victorian Era building where they stared up at the human filming them before running off to enjoy the rest of their day being river otters.

Featured photo a screenshot of the video embedded above


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