maasai first time on a trampoline

jump, jump

Members of the Maasai tribe of East Africa used a trampoline for the first time and the video is racking up views like crazy. The Maasai have a ritual dance “adumu” where they dance by jumping up and down. Since jumping is so important them culturally they thought they should try to use a trampoline.

We are from the Maasai tribe and this was our first time on a trampoline… from funny

These members of the Maasai have taken on a social media project to help show how their tribe lives to the outside world and learn about the modern world around them as well. In the comments on this video there were quite a few instances of this sharing across cultural boundaries, here are a few we found interesting.

maasai tribe wants to bring entire tribe to a trampoline park

maasai tribe explains they always wear sword

maasai tribe explains how they live and use the internet


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