fort worth pd slow down on chisholm trail parkway

Get a load of this society

Texas police departments are well-known for using social media to engage their communities with a mixture of content, including letting them know about potential issues. In the latest version of this the Fort Worth PD notified users on Twitter to slow down on a toll road in the area called Chisholm Trail Parkway.

It seems innocent enough. The police officers uploaded a photo of a Ferrari pulled over going 113 MPH in a 60 MPH part of the toll road with the license plate blurred out to protect the driver’s identity. But in our modern society these conversations quickly become a two-way street.

Fort Worth area residents started letting the officers know that 60 MPH on a toll road is just too slow.

As these things go there were also some jokes tossed in

This is probably a good time to remind everyone that law enforcement (i.e. the police / 5.0.’s) do not create the posted speed limits and might think it is just as ridiculous that toll road is so slow. If you really wanna speed your Honda Acura, Tesla, Toyota Camry, F-150, or Ferrari and the speed limits are too low you should reach out to your elected officials to try and get it changed… or spot the police cars running radar faster.

Featured photo via the Fort Worth Police Department’s official Twitter as embedded above


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