wille nelson snoop dogg on late show with david letterman 2011 singing superman

Back when the internet was still young and used for great stuff instead of political screaming matches about increasingly bizarre things, something glorious happened. Texas musician Willie Nelson performed with Snoop Dogg on a live performance of the track “Superman” on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Watch the full performance here:

While they weren’t exactly in sync the whole time, it was a great performance pulling together East Coast rap and Texas country music from two entertainers who both share a love for the devil’s lettuce.

The duo also made a more polished music video of the track which you can watch here:

The track “Superman” appeared on Snoop’s 2011 alblum “Doggumentary”.

It wasn’t the first time the two had collaborated on a track. Another example is “My Medicine” which appeared on Snoop’s 2008 alblum “Ego Trippin'”. That track included Willie Nelson, Everlast/Whitey Ford.

Featured photo a screenshot of the video embeed above from Snoop Dogg’s YouTube channel


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