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The California tech community just lost one of its brightest stars. Bob Lee, an ex-Google employee, former CTO of Square (now called Block), and creator of Cash App was stabbed to death in what is being called a “good neighborhood”. The San Francisco Police Department has only released limited information but his friends and colleagues are taking to Twitter to lash out about the stabbing and demand action from those in charge.

Bob was more than just a developer in Silicon Valley writing code. His worked has helped millions of small business owners across the globe, including right here in Texas. He also created code and used unique ways of making things more efficient on Android and in Javascript. One of the many silent titans that have built our modern, smartphone dominated, world but that most of us never hear about.

Bob was stabbed to death in SoMa, home to some of San Francisco’s most upscale restaurants and night clubs as well as museums including the famous San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Police responded to a report of a stabbing at 2:35am and he was rushed to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The police have made no arrests and have released zero information about a suspect in what his friends have called a random mugging attack.

Bob was also a tech investor having invested in companies like SpaceX, Clubhouse, and numerous others.

Most importantly, Bob was a father. He leaves behind children who will dearly miss him.

We send our most sincere thoughts and prayers to Bob Lee, his family, and his friends.

Featured photo a picture of San Francisco by Pixaby


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