mark normand vegan jokes

The jokes were part of a live stand-up comedy show
Warning: Adult language

Comedian Mark Normand is a well known comic from New Orleans that loves to introduce himself as “Kevin Hart” when he takes the stage. He also likes to make impromptu jokes at the end of his show where the audience helps choose a topic and he just goes.

Recently during one of these closing audience participation sessions someone shouted “vegans” and Mark took the topic and ran with it making a full minute of jokes about vegans and his unnamed vegan friend.

Watch the video on Reddit here:

Vegans from funny

Or watch the video on Mark’s Instagram here:

Redditors were mixed on the jokes with some offended vegans (and at least one vegan lesbian) calling the jokes “boomer humor” even though Mark, age 38, is considered a Millennial.

We hope you our intelligent and humor loving reader enjoy these jokes for what they are, jokes, and have a good laugh. 🙂

Featured photo a compilation of screenshots from the video embedded above


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