deputy laquenda banks stealing from a home in texas

Towards the end of last year three Texas constables were serving an eviction notice and decided instead of doing their duty, to rob the home. The trio were led by Constable Curtis Traylor-Harris and were caught on the bodycamera of Deputy Constable LaQuenda Banks when it accidentally turned on.

Throughout the video below Deputy LaQuenda Banks can be seen rummaging through items in the home such as make up, watches, and sunglasses and sticking them in her shirt. At one point she says “Oh Raybans” and tells another Deputy she’s “cleaning house”. Another Deputy even directly asks her if they are able to keep items of value. She also carries items out to Deputy Derrick Holman’s vehicle and places them inside.

The tenant being evicted filed a theft report a few months later claiming 4 watches, a box partially full of .22 ammunition, Apple air pods, iPhones, Macbooks, shoes, perfume, jewelry, Oakley sunglasses, Rayban sunglasses, makeup, antique coins, military medals, a diploma, birth certificate, a social security card, and $750 cash were stolen.

Watch the body cam footage of the theft here via the Lackluster YouTube channel:

After the theft report an investigation was started by the Texas Rangers which uncovered the bodycam footage. All three involved have been indicted on felony charges for theft and corruption but it took a civil lawsuit to remove Constable Curtis Traylor-Harris from office.

According to the Texas Rangers lead investigator Christopher Bagget the trio took the items back to the Constable’s office where they picked through them then returned some of the items back to the rightful owner. Howver, Deputy LaQuenda Banks was seen wearing one of the stolen watches during a call with the Texas Rangers investigator and later admitted that Constable Traylor-Harris instructed her to steal the items.

Constable Traylor-Harris was removed from office by a Judge’s order in July of this year and was released from jail in September. His felony trial was scheduled to start this week and he is attempting to get his removal from office lifted.

Thanks Y’all:
A huge shoutout to the Lackluster YouTube channel who did a great job of identifying the crimes committed and how painful it must be for constituents to literally get robbed by elected officials during one of the lowest points in their life.

We also used articles by journalists Christian Terry and Blake Holland at KLTV to verify facts and to pull statements made by the Texas Rangers investigator. If you’re interested in learning more about this story we recommend you read their articles “DA’s office releases footage from Smith County constable’s alleged theft of home” and “Judge temporarily suspends embattled Smith County constable from office

Editor’s note: The Lackluster video embedded above says the incident happened in Tyler County, TX but it occurred in Smith County, TX. The city of Tyler, TX is located in Smith County and this incident may have happened there.

Featured image a screenshot of the above embedded video


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