apple store in california robbed, employees helped

The California virus continues to infect communities across the state. This time it allowed a few young men wearing hoodies and facemasks to walk into an Apple store and start filling their backpacks full of Apple iPhones, laptops, and other merchandise.

Apple Store employees can be heard telling customers to “back up” and “let them go” clearing the customers to the edges of the open format store while the thieves run amuck snatching any Apple products they can see. At one point an Apple employee actually waks up to a customer and phsyical moves them out of the way to make it easier for one of the thieves to get to some products.

Watch the Video on TikTok Here:


NEWS RELEASE: Apple store in California this past Friday. My video was removed and restored but its not working so I re uploaded.

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Watch the Video on Twitter Here:

The video was first uploaded by user PPVTahoe to his TikTok account where it has so far racked up 4.6 million views. It was then uploaded to Twitter by another user and shared by famed Silicon Valley startup founder Jason Calcanis where it has accumulated 3.8 million views so far. Jason is the founder of Inside and Launch both of which are headquartered in San Francisco, CA he has founded and sold startups since the Dot-Com Era.

Featured photo a screenshot of the above embedded video


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