gang rapper violence in jacksonville, fl

Gang violence in Jacksonville often includes small-time rappers

A video recently surfaced on Reddit that appears to show 2 rappers confronting a rival while he stands with his back to a wall in inner city Jacksonville, Florida.

The rapper against the wall goes by the name “La Jarvo” and is thought to be a member of a gang called Ablock. The two rappers confronting him are known as “Luhh Benn” and “Hxrdhexd” and are thought to be members of a rival gang called KKG.

The two rappers are clearly posturing and trying to get La Jarvo to say something out loud while an unknown third-person records. One of the rappers pulls a pistol out of his wasitband and makes a threatening gesture with it in the direction of La Jarvo attempting to get him to comply. The kid against the wall sees the gun and reaches to try and get it out of his rivals hands but misses then takes off trying to run away letting out soul-churning scream – likely believing he is about to be shot and killed.

The other two rappers stop him from runnin away and bring him to the ground where they beat on him before the video cuts out.

Duval Jacksonville Florida Rapper "La Jarvo" (Ablock,6Block) Gets Beat Up & Caught Lackin By His Opps "Luhh Ben (KKG,S4C) "Hxrdhexd" (KKG,S4C) from CrazyFuckingVideos

The video was originally shared on TikTok by the handle “duvalmusicplugin” but has since been removed. It is still visible on the related Instagram account and the Reddit account as embedded above. “Duval Music Plug” appears to be a series of social media accounts trying to use gang violence to promote the music of rappers Luhh Ben and Hxrdhexd among others.

Editor’s Note: Elsewhere on social media “Duval Music Plug denies making this video or any involvement in it”.

Hexrdhexd is pronounced “Hardhead”. It is rumored he doesn’t use the ‘a’ in his name because it is associated with his rival gang.

This likely isn’t the first time a music group has attempted to use unstaged violent acts to promote the music of their artists, but it is a raw glimpse into the lives of young rappers who are willing to do anything, even beat and possibly shoot someone, for fame.

Featured image a screenshot of above embedded video.


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