lululemon fires employees for reporting theft to police video

In Georgia NBC Reports that Lululemon fired 2 female employees after they told masked thieves “No, get out”, recorded the incident on their phones, and called the police to report the crime.

Watch the video from NBC News here:

According to NBC’s interview of the women they were told by Lululemon that they were fired because the company has a zero tolerance policy for employees intervening in theft and calling the police to report such crimes.

In the video several masked thieves can be seen gathering up arm loads of shirts and pants as quickly as they can and running out of the front door to a parked car. The two female employees attempt to tell the men to stop and to leave but the men just look at them and keep stealing as much as they can.

Three men are in custody and in jail for this theft, so justice is being served – no thanks to Lululemon though.

Featured photo a screenshot from the NBC News video embedded above


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