jennifer aniston and adam sandler discover a gigantic australian reporter

While doing press for their new Netflix comedy movie, Murder Mystery 2, the famed actress and actor were caught off guard by the “brutish height” of an Australian reporter in a moment you have to watch on video to truly appreciate.

Watch the video here:

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are shocked by the size of an Australian reporter
by u/holyfruits in funny

The video starts off with Jennifer Aniston looking down towards the ground as Adam Sandler talks. Struck by utter curiosity Jennifer blurts out “why are you crouching?” to a man hidden out of view and just below the camera.

The man, a reporter from Australia, tries to answer that he gets in the way because he’s a big guy, but Adam Sandler interrupts his protesting and says “Oh stand up!”

As the reporter starts to stand Adam Sandler flies into his comedic mode and the reporter and crowd all share a laugh.

Feature photo a screenshot from the video


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