man who assaulted woman on 75 highway after crash

Status: Mostly Verified – The video footage definitely shows the alleged assault occuring, but the victim does appear to admit to a local reporter that she took phsyical action first and the video only begins recording at the end of the entire altercation.

Editor’s Note: Car accidents are no joke, especially at high speeds on a Texas highway. If you’re involved in one and you and the other drivers/passengers are uninjured we urge you, please do not result to screaming, yelling, blaming, or physical altercations. Exchange your insurance information and explain the details to your insurance company.

A woman in Dallas claims that a man sideswiped her while the two were driving down 75 highway in Dallas. She assumed it was an accident and pulled over to exchange insurance information with the driver when he started assaulting her and her friend who was a passenger. Part way through the attack she was able to turn her phone’s camera on and record the man clearly attacking her twice before walking off to his vehicle. Right as she is able to get her phone turned on we see the man lunge at her throwing several punches before walking off the first time, he then runs at her a second time and punches her in the nose.

She posted to Twitter offering $5,000 in cash for information that leads to the attackers arrest with a video that has been viewed 1.3 million times and retweeted over 25,000 times.

Watch her plea to the public + the video of the attack here:

The story quickly jumped to the top of the /r/Dallas subreddit and then was covered by Alexis Wainwright of CBS 11 in DFW.

Here’s a video of just the assault as recorded by the victim:

According to the details provided by the victim, Shaudae McMillan, as covered in Alexis’ story the attacker got out of his car with another young lady and were yelling at the driver of the car he hit claiming she hit his car. Eventually the driver of the car who says she was sideswiped pushed him away as she says he was in her face yelling. Then her friend got out of the car and the situation escalated ending with the physical assault shown in the video.

“He like ran up to me and was this close to me, yelling in my face and I liked pushed him back and was like move back because you’re in my personal space and I told my friend. She got out the car and said call the police.” – Shaudae McMillan

Thanks Y’all:
This story is partly based on original reporting by Alexis Wainwright. Read her article on this story with more quotes and insights here: Dallas police searching for suspect who allegedly assaulted two women after hit-and-run

Featured photo a compilation of screenshots from the video embedded above


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