bear climbing tree stand

She was way too calm

A woman is on a tree stand hunting when a black bear starts to climb up the ladder. She says “No no. Bears do not climb ladders!” then laughs and tells the bear to get down, talking to the bear like it’s her dog or cat.

The bear keeps climbing using it’s mouth to grip the bar above it and pull itself up while using its front and rear paws to stabilize itself on the ladder.

Finally she gets the bear to start moving down and says “good boy, good boy”

It seems obvious that the bear is familar to her in some way, but that doesn’t feel right. She appears to be out hunting and the bear also appears to be hunting but gives up when she stands tall on top of the tree stand.

Watch the video on TikTok here:


♬ sonido original – Bears

Featured photos a compilation of screenshots from the above embedded video


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