mom saves toddler from certain death falling down stairwell

This mom will get the best Mother’s Day cards for the rest of her life!

They say moms naturally gain a new reflex to protect their kids soon after birth. Some liken it to a super power, a beyond normal capability to sense impending doom for their children. For at least one mom this appears to be true.

In this video we see a toddler going over to inspect the railing at the top of a stairwell while the mom waits for someone to open the door to a business. The toddler reaches her arms out apparently expecting to put her hands on a plexiglass barrier or some other kind of barrier, but there is nothing there.

Watch the video here:

Mother comes in clutch as Toddler nearly falls to her death from WTF

The toddler has no ability to stop herself as her body plunges through the gaping hole of the railing and she begins to tumble downward towards a near-certain death on the hard unforgiving stairs below. Fortunately for the child her mom was paying attention and was able to leap after and grab her stubby little legs. A bystander also sharply recognizes the potential for further problems and runs down the stairs in order to grab the toddler should the mom’s grip prove less than adequate.

Fortunately our heroic mom is able to pull her daughter up through the broken railing as several other women arrive on the shocking scene.

Reminder: Call your mom!


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