the batman adam west spotlight

YouTube channel Corridor has created a hilarious movie trailer edit masterpiece. The channel recently released a video titled “THE BATMAN, but with Goofy Batman” where Robert Pattinson has been edited out of the movie trailer and replaced with Adam West from the tv show “Batman” which aired from 1966 to 1968 and the Batman movie in 1966. The trailer also includes props and graphics from the tv show inserted into the movie trailer and scenes from the movie.

Watch the trailer here:

The video includes the iconic scene of Adam West’s Batman running with a cartoonish bomb and the 1966 batmobile edited in to replace the batmobile from “The Batman” 2022. There’s plenty more from the tv show added in as well including the Riddler, Penguin, plenty of quotes, and lots of “Baps” / “Pows” / “Zoks” / and “Splats”.

If you’re a fan of Batman there is nothing better than seeing the first televised / movie Batman blended perfectly with the latest cinematic edition of the caped crusader.


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