oakland coliseum record low attendance

Oakland might be losing their baseball team soon, fans are getting a head start.

The Oakland Athletics, which used to be the Kansas City Athletics, are possibly leaving Oakland in the near future. The fans of the team having already lost the Raiders to Las Vegas and watched the NFL’s Rams and Charges both flee their cities recently, appear to be getting a head start on giving up on the A’s.

Their game on Wednesday April 20th, 2022 against the Baltimore Orioles had the lowest fan turnout since 1980 (excluding pandemic restriction games) with an official attendance of only 2,703. This comes a day after their home opener which only had an attendance of 3,748.

See the near empty Coliseum in this video:

After the first pitch you can hear the crowd clap and it honestly sounds like a hushed reaction at a collegiate tennis match more than a professional baseball stadium.

Like the Oakland Raiders, the Oakland Athletics are considering a move to Las Vegas. Typically when a major pro sports team is set on leaving their home we hear rumors about them coming to Texas. In this case the only likely destinations would be Austin or San Antonio since Houston and DFW have Major League teams. Neither one of those seems like a great fit though due to lack of available space to build a massive new baseball stadium and there doesn’t appear to be any public outcry to make it happen either. Still, if the A’s are unable to get a deal done in Oakland, expect sports talk radio and pundits to start speculating about another California move to Texas.

Featured photo a screenshot of the video embedded above


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