human skeleton screaming reports that someone working on a lawn in Southeast Houston discovered human skeletal remains in the homemade barbecue pit that was in the backyard of the home. The worker left the house after the grim discovery and immediately called the Houston Police Department.

The skeleton was found in a large brick bbq pit that the police department said was likely custom-built and bigger than average. While it appears to be a human skeleton discovered in the pit complete with a skull, the Houston Police Department stopped short of verifying this outright, instead waiting on the medical examiner’s office to complete its investigation. They did say that if it was a human skeleton that it was probably not a child.

Who is the Villain? The police have no suspects at the moment and stated that the investigation could take a long time since the bbq pit / grave could be quite old.

Watch the Video Report Here:
human skeleton report houston tx bbq grill

Thanks Y’all:
This article was based partially on original reporting by Rose-Ann Aragon, you can watch her original report on this story for more details, facts, and interviews with local police by clicking the video thumbnail above.

Featured photo by Sabina Music Rich via Unsplash
Video thumbnail a screenshot by Texas Watcher from the Click2Houston article linked above


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