wasp covered car

[Video] Tens of Thousands of Southern Yellow Jacket Wasps Infest a Car

Nope. In 2019 a Louisiana bee rescuer/keeper and exterminator (Jude Verret) was called to examine a vehicle. What he found was the interior of a 4-door sedan completely...
comedian jokes he is not tall enough for tinder

[Video] Comedian Talks About Being Too Short for Tinder

Does your Tinder date fit you? A standup comedian (we are not sure who it is) delivered a joke that went viral on Reddit's /r/Funny hitting the top...
mom saves toddler from certain death falling down stairwell

[Video] A Mom Stops Her Toddler From Falling to Her Death

This mom will get the best Mother's Day cards for the rest of her life! They say moms naturally gain a new reflex to protect their kids soon...
man rescues stranded sea turtle from an island beach

[Video] Man Finds a Sea Turtle on its Back Stranded on the Beach and...

That turtle may not have survived otherwise Last October YouTuber Nick Fry was on an island beach somewhere in the Pacific. Nick is an Australian who kayaks and...
barber smokes meth

[Video] A Barber Smokes Meth While Cutting Someones Hair

Nope. From Reddit's /r/WTF comes one of the most messed up videos we've seen in 2022. A boy is sitting in a barber's chair getting a haircut when...
dog meets new puppy friend and does happy dance

[Video] Doggo Does a Happy Dance When They See Their New Sibling

watch on mute, wait for the dance A doggo got a new puppy sibling delivered in a basket and started a happy dance when the lid came off...

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